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Deion Gerhard, PMC

Owner/Broker Property Manager

I grew up in Burbank and can remember spending many afternoons with my parents, driving past numerous listed homes and scraping old wallpaper off the wall in order to get open houses ready for potential clients. Both my parents were involved in the real estate business — it was the topic of conversation at the dinner table from as far back as I can remember.

In 1999, while in my fourth year of studying business accounting, I started working for Century 21 Larson Realty Inc. I initially assisted their property manager but shortly thereafter received my own real estate license — at which point I took charge of the department. A decade later, in 2009, I moved on to obtain my broker’s license and in 2011 I obtained my corporate broker’s license. Mr. Larson’s 40+ years of experience helped me gather all the skills needed to be a successful property manager. After he retired in 2011, I opened my own corporation and called it Century Property Management & Investments Inc. to continue servicing all our clients. Over the years I have developed many skills that have helped me become more efficient and effective at managing my clients’ investments. My continuing education keeps me current with the ever-changing California tenant-landlord laws and the real estate market. I’ve had excellent experience with conflict resolution, and understand how important it is to always remain cool under pressure. Although it’s never easy to deliver unpleasant news, I strive always to keep things positive with a forward-moving plan and an optimistic attitude. I strive to be fair and consistent with tenants while maintaining my clients’ priorities. I am always looking out for any liabilities that can affect their investment and will go the extra mile to achieve and support their interest.

Over the years our office has grown into a thriving business with several real estate agents and clerical staff to keep the office running efficiently at all times. Our maintenance department is staffed by Kathleen Steffey, our Maintenance Coordinator Manager, alongside with Lindsay Donaldson, Maintenance Coordinator Assistant. With their knowledge, attention to detail and constant review of current codes, they keep our properties up-to-date on regulations and standards. Mrs. Steffey is also a licensed realtor and partners with me on many real estate transactions. Andrew Worsham is our dedicated vacancy coordinator and is always on top of the changing social networking industry. His quick response time and updated web knowledge gets properties rented faster. My assistant, Ruby Arriaga is bilingual and is always available to facilitate what needs to get done while I am in and out of the office. Elba Kouyoumdjian, is a licensed realtor with extensive knowledge of the market and is available to help you with your Real Estate needs.

Our service area encompasses Ventura, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale, Tujunga, La Crescenta, Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Los Feliz and Hollywood. We are willing to expand our service area for the right clients.

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